Sorry body smoothie

I am going to be honest with you. I am suffering today. This weekend has been spent celebrating my wonderful sister’s birthday and I’ve sunk more kir royals and dirty martinis than I care to remember. Cooking today was out of the question but I needed something to give me a boost and to show my body that I am truly sorry for last night’s hedonism.

Homemade redemption liquor

Homemade redemption liquor

What better than a ridiculously easy smoothie? Full of vitamins and mighty refreshing. I use an entire punnet of frozen blueberries along with four fresh peaches and about a pint of water. I also squeeze in the juice of a lemon to further aid my cleansing efforts. Blitz it all together in the blender and in mere minutes you can be enjoying this delicious goodness.

Righteousness in a glass

Righteousness in a glass

Another thing helping me through the day has been a ready supply of cucumber water. So very simple, cleansing and hydrating. Simply fill a glass with water, add to it finely sliced cucumber, lemon and chopped mint then leave it all to infuse. Sip whenever the fancy so takes you and you’ll soon be reaping the benefits.

A few of these and I’m feeling as fresh as a daisy

A few of these and I’m feeling as fresh as a daisy

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